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Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Where are my readers at?

I am currently writing my first book, Flowers Bloom From the Root. I say first book like it may not be my last! We will see. This book will tell you more about myself and my experiences in detail. I will be uploading snippets of the pages here so be on the lookout.

Who do I think I am?

Never be scared of what's on the other side of the door.

I really have to give credit to my cousin Aleisha who gave me the courage to start writing about myself. My life has been filled with book worthy content. I always feel like I've lived multiple lives since I have overcome many obstacles. Although this makes my life feel "long" I feel my life has been filled with many situations that pushed me to a becoming a better being.

What can you expect?

If I was a cat, I would be on my seventh life. I have attended three different colleges, worked in multiple different industries, birthed my beautiful baby boy, witnessed both of my grandmothers passing, and fought through addiction. There is so much more. My story is important. Your story is important. I'm sure we can find a common ground.

Intriguing and entertaining

I can look back and say "What in the entire fuck?"

Although I have been through many serious situations, at times I sit daydreaming laughing while assessing my past and ask myself "What in the entire fuck?" I was really living in my own reality. My writing style allows me to tell my story in an entertaining and comical way. It does help I am a pretty dramatic person. The theatricals come to life in my writing! You will feel like you are write smack dab in the situation.

To you

To you who is reading this and is merely intrigued with me. Thank you. I am grateful to share my world, my story and love with you through my passed down creativeness.

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