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As a creative, inspiration may come to you in many forms. Becoming inspired is like breathing fresh air. Once you have this freshness, it feels as though you are born again! It's only right that I dive into the definition of inspiration. We are in constant effort in getting to the root over here! It has two parts. Inspiration is "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially for something creative." It gives you a sense of direction and allows you to develop an idea you didn't know was inside of you.

Another definition of inspiration is "the drawing in of breath; inhalation." Now, sidenote. I already choose this topic to use as a blog post to discuss my inspiration, right? When I have an idea about something, I write it down in that moment then I go back to it and expand. When I read the definition of inspiration days after writing it down as a topic, I was like " Oh wow." When you are inspired, is it not like a drawing of fresh breath?! Like you are alive again? Whether you are a writer battling writers block, a rapper in search of a hook, or a candle maker trying to decide the type of scent you would like to curate, finding that inspiration puts life back into your art!

What inspires me is outdoor walks. Walking allows me to engage in the natural environment that is near me. I look at the flowers, touch the tree leaves and smell the air. Or the person walking pass me. I gain inspiration for my FTR candles with flower spotting and mental clarity for writing due to the lovely endorphins being released. Instead of having to ask what is next, I let it flow towards me. The ideas always come.

Another tool that inspires me is READING. Praise God. A good "self help" book is what my heart longs for sometimes. Looking inward and noticing yourself is an inspiration. When I open a book, it allows me to read a perspective that is not mine. So, my mind starts doing gymnastics. I think deeper, engage harder with myself. It inspires me to think out of my box.

The best thing about knowing what inspires you is the ability to keep doing those things in order to give breath to your art! I complete an outdoor work 5 or 6 days out of my week and I am constantly reading.

What inspires you? How often are you inspired?

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