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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Are you familiar with doula work?

I love a simple definition. Let's start with that. A doula is a woman (usually) who is employed to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman before, during and/or after labor. Some may say doula is a professional labor assistance.

Let's get in depth

A doula provides physical and emotional support to a mother and her partner during pregnancy, childbirth, and/or the postpartum period.

There is a variety of ways a doula can support and ease the mother during this time of physical and emotional transitions. Doula assistance is helping with techniques for physical comfort while carrying, educational information in regards to breastfeeding, medicine intake, hospital research and emotional support. My doula work is based on a holistic approach.


My approach with helping mothers through this sacred time in their life is the importance of being connected with your mind, body, and spirit. Women have been giving birth for centuries. We as women are the embodiment of soft strength. This vulnerable intense yet empowering journey of bringing life into the world is like nothing else. Nothing compares.

What is your birth plan?

Visualizing the reality you want positively impacts your reality.

What do you expect when giving birth? What does that look like for you? Having a plan in any aspect of your life whether for professional or personal sets you up for success. It also provides you comfort in what may possibly happen. Although you can't predict how your birth may be, you can plan for what you desire and for obstacles that you may face.

Questions to ask

Creating a birth plan involves asking yourself questions that prepare you for babies birth. Do you want to wait for natural labor or an elective induction? Are you okay with taking pain medication? Epidural? What visitors do you want in the room? Who will cut the umbilical cord? Would you like to hold your baby immediately or cleaned and weighed first? What are your plans for breastfeeding? If carrying a boy, do you want a circumcision performed?

All of these questions assessed ahead of time will allow you less stress during and after birth. Since you are fully prepared, you gain confidence and power within.

It is an upsetting fact but it has to be discussed. Women of color have a higher mortality rate in the US during labor. It is important for us to be advocated for and taken care of in the way we deserve!

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