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My why

The question I ask myself before creating any thing is why am I spending my energy on the task? The answer to this question is the foundation. Asking yourself why will give you the drive to keep going and reason to persevere when situations may become challenging. From the Root Wellbeing has been "cooking" for years in my brain. It started with some simple answers to why start a company. I am going to list my top "whys."

  • Using creativity to heal myself

  • I want to enjoy my daily task and do good work

  • Advocating for mothers of color

  • The importance of your environment for mental health

  • Community

Now, I did not list these numerologically because I know your brain would, and probably still, analyze this list as the order means the top is the most important and so forth. It's not. Now, using creativity to heal myself was the push I needed to begin. I started creating again in 2020 when the world was shut down. I started painting, writing and diving into research about women of color and birth. I always envisioned owning a space, whether physical or virtual, where mothers of color can join and heal. Heal for themselves, for their children and family. This research led me into doula work. With my own birth being an extreme eye opening experience, I wanted to be apart of the movement to educate and nurture all mothers of color during this extreme life altering event.

I studied to become a doula. During my studies, I realized two important aspects of getting ready to birth your child. Your mentality and environment. One of the most critically important abilities a mother can do while about to give birth is to have a sound mind and prepare her surroundings. I took it a step further. We should be taking care of our environment daily. Paying attention to our space can positively impact our mental health.

Another why is I wanted to enjoy what I do for "work." Although this company started as a passion project, I envisioned something bigger for my community. I knew I had more to offer. I'm a Scorpio Moon so I am moved deeply and hold much passion that can last for many lifetimes. I love getting creative, offering my work to the community to uplift and engage in active healing.

From the Root Wellbeing focuses on the wellbeing of mothers of color and their children. This work is good work because this work is a path Spirit has aligned for me. I extend myself to you. Welcome to the beginning!

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