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Brenae Writes..

Over the years, I have grown confident to share my testimony and what I have done to enhance my reality up until this point. I have become the biggest advocate for personal growth and altering your life for a  joyful, peaceful and SOBER one. 

The Silent Sufferer: Reclaiming your Voice

The Silent Sufferer is a self help guide to overcoming addiction. It's creatively written as I added my own two cents. Although it will have some traditional steps, I have added what really assisted me with quitting my addiction. During my journey to sobriety, I never saw anyone who looked like me discuss this matter. I'm changing that for my community! My eBook is available for presale! See the shop page to purchase. Release date is April 2024.

Mini Stories

Mini stories coming soon! 

Flowers Bloom from the Root

Flowers Bloom From the Root is a memoir about a period of my life that escalated into true suffering. It will start from when I had my first alcoholic beverage to alcohol taking over my life. Addiction is never an easy topic, but it must be discussed. I'm here to share my triumph story!

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